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novel food processing technologies food science and - reflecting current trends in alternative food processing and preservation this reference explores the most recent applications in pulsed electric field pef and high pressure technologies food microbiology and modern thermal and nonthermal operations to prevent the occurrence of food borne pathogens extend the shelf life of foods and improve the safety quality and nutritional value of, handbook of hygiene control in the food industry woodhead - huub lelieveld is co founder and president of the global harmonization initiative member of the executive committee and a past president of effost the european federation of food science and technology founder and past president of ehedg the european hygienic engineering and design group, 10 strange ways we make food last longer listverse - irradiation is not a new thing in cooking after all microwave ovens which work by bombarding the food with electromagnetic radiation have been around for decades but when it comes to food preservation radiation suddenly becomes a worrying word preserved foods and radiation together tend, production of fruit based smoothies sciencedirect - the safety and reduction of microbiological risk of fruit juices smoothies or purees to increase the shelf life is still a challenge for the food industry and they search for suitable treatments such as thermal or nonthermal methods to increase the acceptability of products without altering the sensory attributes and health benefits, an overview of natural antimicrobials role in food - the present paper aims to review the natural food preservatives with antimicrobial properties emphasizing their importance for the future of food manufacturing and consumers health, plastics for barrier packaging pr newswire - despite the fact that much of the basic technology of barrier plastics is the same we found that progress had continued to be made in the few years since the last bcc research report on this